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Workplace Safety

ICC Marine’s goal for workplace safety is simple: to execute our work in the safest means possible to achieve Zero Incidents on all our projects.

ICC Marine brings a culture of safety to all of our projects. We have found that safe projects are positive places to work. Our safety culture promotes an environment where workers know that they matter and are empowered to create a safer workplace.

We believe all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented and work tirelessly to hone our means and methods to ensure predictable, safe results.

We use a combination of institutional and behavioural methods to create a safe environment. To build a strong sense of respect for a construction site’s unique challenges, we use both incentives and training to eliminate at-risk behaviour. While WCB standards are the basic building blocks of our safety plan, we continually strive to surpass them in our quest for Zero Incidents.

ICC Marine is COR Certified