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Concrete Structural Repair

Concrete piers are set in corrosive marine conditions and piles and pile caps are exposed to chloride-contaminated salt water.  In general, marine structures are exposed to high humidity and temperatures causing damage to the concrete structure.

Many concrete structures fail prematurely for various reasons. The concrete could fail and if the repairs are not properly managed it could destroy the existing concrete and other adjoining parts of the structure.

There are many causes of concrete failure. Effective repair requires research and diagnostic and a solid plan to use the correct methods and the right material to repair the problem.

Generally, the cause of failure is one or more of the following:


  • Faulty concrete: In cases where poor concrete is extensive, the economics of repairs versus reconstruction will need to be considered.
  • Chemical damage: There are chemicals put on these structures daily such as oil, de-icing salts and these can severely damage concrete leading to structural damage.
  • Damage from movement: Damage from shrinkage, creep, settlement and thermal contraction can lead to damage.
  • Freeze/thaw damage: Freeze/thaw action on concrete causes stresses on concrete that cause cracks and other damage over time to localized areas on the concrete.
  • Mechanical damage: Damage caused from other things such as traffic or other equipment over time can cause mechanical damage to the original concrete.
  • Failure of auxiliary materials: The failure of sealants and membranes may expose the concrete to water and chemical damage.


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Polymer-Modified, Cementitious, Non-Sag Mortar
SikaTop® 123 PLUS is a polymer-modified, with migrating corrosion inhibitor added, cementitious, two-component, fast-setting mortar. Formulated for trowel application, it is designed especially for repair of overhead and vertical surfaces.

Where to Use:

  • Use on grade, above, and below grade on concrete and mortar.
  • Structure repair material to be used on marine construction , wharf construction, piers, parking structures, industrial plants, walkways, bridges, tunnels, ramps, and dams.

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Marine Construction Services

ICC Marine has the in-depth knowledge, experience and equipment required for the new construction or rehabilitation of marine structures, ports and piers. Our team has performed structural repairs, cathodic improvements, raw water intakes, scour protection, concrete wharf repairs, pile rehabilitation and pile driving. Our firm is a Denso® certified installer for pile rehabilitation works and a Sika® certified installer for marine concrete structures and pier repairs. We have performed numerous projects that involve  pile cleaning, pile wrapping, jacketing and the injection of cementitious grout on existing marine piling.

Our willingness to undertake complex and challenging marine projects puts ICC Marine at the forefront of this industry. We routinely encounter new challenges that require a new approach to marine construction.

Safety is the highest priority with ICC Marine. Our marine division continues to administer and advocate for safe work sites, regardless of pressures or constraints.

  • Pile Driving: Pipe, Sheet, H
  • Marine Crane Service
  • Pile Repair and Coatings
  • Concrete Repair and Coatings
  • Water Intake / Outfall Construction
  • Scour Protection
  • Soil Retention and Stabilization
  • Anodes / Cathodic Protection
  • Debris Removal